Specialist Certificate In Indoor Environmental Management

The Specialist Certificate in Indoor Environmental Management provides trainees with knowledge and skills to proactively manage the Indoor Environment within the constraints of energy efficiency, space utilisation and user comfort and satisfaction.

SGD 1,800.00

Course Description

Complaints about discomfort and health problems in offices and homes have been investigated as far back as two decades ago in US and Europe, and more recently in Singapore. These complaints ranging from fatigue, blocked nose, dry throat, headaches and difficulties in breathing appear to have temporal correlation with being in a building and were labeled ‘Sick Building Syndrome’ or SBS.

Studies have shown that SBS symptoms were mainly due to poor Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) and other environmental stressors such as thermal, visual and acoustics. SBS symptoms were also found to be co-related to misguided energy management measures and factors such as workspaces and ergonomics.

A WHO committee estimates that as many as 30% of the buildings in developed countries may exhibit SBS. Failure to mitigate and respond effectively to indoor environmental problems can be detrimental to occupant health and workplace productivity and, create negative publicity and liability problems.

In Singapore, the BCA Code for Environmental Sustainability of Buildings has Indoor Environmental Quality which incorporates Indoor Air Quality as a compliance requirement with the Code of Practice on Indoor Air Quality for Air-Conditioned Premises as a reference. This national effort will no doubt increase awareness of Sick Buildings and promote IAQ Management.

The course will provide the knowledge and skills to manage and control the indoor environment holistically to achieve ‘healthy’ working and living conditions.

M1: The Epidemiology of Sick Buildings

  • Sick Building Syndrome and Building Related Illnesses
  • Policy and Regulations
  • Liability for Sick Buildings
M3: Ergonomics and Space Planning

  • Ergonomics and Work Environment
  • Space Management
  • Visual and Aural Environmental Management
M2: Biological and Chemical Contamination and Control

  • Biogenic and Organic/ Inorganic Contaminations
  • Volatile Organic Compounds
  • Cleaning Materials & Pesticides
  • Toxicology of Building Materials
  • Control Management Procedures
M4: Thermal Environment and IAQ Management

  • Comfort, Temperature & Humidity
  • Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Parameters & Management
  • Energy Management & IAQ Link
  • Operation & Maintenance of Building Services
  • Protocol for Evaluation of Sick Buildings and IAQ

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  • Applicants are expected to have the following qualification:
    • Diploma in a related field from approved institutions with at least two years work experience in building operation and maintenance
  • Applicants with the following qualifications are required to complete a pre-requisite course in Building Technology and Services:
    • ITE/CITI Certificate in a related field with at least five years work experience in building operation and maintenance
    • ‘A’/’O’ Levels (Credits in English and Mathematics) with at least ten years work experience in building operation and maintenance

Course Duration 60 hours Course Fees $1,800

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