Specialist Certificate In Cleaning Inspection

The localised version of the VSR Daily Checking System (DCS) on cleaning processes will impart the knowledge and skills for a Cleaning Supervisor to undertake routine checks, recognise cleaning process failures and proactively address them.

SGD 660.00

Course Description

Cleaning Inspections measure a building’s cleanliness and the effectiveness of the Cleaning Provider’s cleaning process control.  Cleaning audits assesses the outcomes of a Cleaning Provider’s performance to determine whether it complies with contractual requirements.  In-house and/or third party auditors are expected to become a norm of Outcome-based Facilities Management & Maintenance contracts.

Assessment of cleaning outcomes/results by a Cleaning Supervisor or Auditor involves senses (mainly visual, smell and touch) which can lead to subjectivity problems. The Netherlands Association for Cleaning Research (VSR) has been working over the last 35 years to develop tools and techniques to objectify cleaning performance assessment and produce accurate results and good judgement in Cleaning inspections and audits. This is achieved in two stages of the cleaning inspection and audit process:   

Stage 1:   Qualitative Assessment of Cleaning Outcomes & Recognition of Failure

The outcomes of each element to be cleaned and inspected is described clearly to create a common language for Service Buyer and Provider to understand each other so that there is no need for /debate on whether it is a Pass/Fail in cleaning inspections as failure to deliver is clearly recognised.

Stage 2:  Factoring the Quantitative Element in Cleaning Inspections & Audits

The quantitative element in cleaning (i.e. how much is cleaned) needs to be factored with the qualitative element (how well it is cleaned). For example, if part of a floor does not pass the inspection does this mean the entire floor fails?  Distinction between types of area and element is vital for an exact evaluation of cleaning quality as the specification for washrooms for example does not compare with that of an office.

VSR’s work forms the basis of Dutch Standard NEN 2075 (2018 en): Quality Measuring System and Process Control System for Cleaning Performance which in turn is linked to EN 13549 (2001): Cleaning Services Basic Requirements and Recommendations for Quality Measuring Systems’.  Singapore Standard SS 694:2023:  Cleaning Performance for Commercial Premises takes reference from NEN 2075; i.e. by default some of VSR’s tools and techniques.

VSR tools and techniques to improve the objectivity in Cleaning Inspections and Audits adapted to suit local conditions will be transferred in two training courses:

  1. Specialist Certificate in Cleaning Inspection (targeted at Cleaning Supervisors, Assessors & Managers)
  2. Specialist Certificate in Cleaning Audit (targeted at Cleaning Auditors)

The course, a localised version of the VSR Daily Checking System (DCS) on cleaning processes, will impart the knowledge and skills for Cleaning Supervisors, Team Leads and Site Managers to undertake routine checks, recognise cleaning process failures and proactively address them.

The course comprises three modules and three practicum sessions:

Practicum 1

Trainees undertake a cleaning inspection of the building where the course takes place and record their results for class discussions on their Observations, Judgment & Evaluation of the soiling and nature of dust which is often the indicator that a building is cleaned correctly.

Practicum 2

Trainees will be invited to re-inspect the same area again using a Checking/Inspection Sheet based on VSR definitions and contamination types. They will discuss their findings and highlight any improvements from their first practical exercise.

Practicum 3

Daily Checking Sheets: How to use and fill a sheet (Digital version provided for future organisational use)

2 years of work experience in supervising and inspecting cleaning work.

$660 nett per person. Course fees includes full colour course documentation and refreshments at tea breaks.

The next intakes of the Specialist Certificate in Cleaning Inspection have been scheduled as follows:
28 Oct 9am to 6pm & 29 Oct 2024 9am to 1pm

A ‘Specialist Certificate in Cleaning Inspection’ in association with VSR will be awarded to participants who have successfully completed the required assessments.

Please call 6563 4176 or e-mail: enquiry@reca.edu.sg for other information you may require.

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