Advanced Diploma In Property & Facilities Management

The Advanced Diploma in Property & Facilities Management is designed to re-skill PMEs for a Faciltiies Management and/or Strata Management career and/or up-skill in-employed to extend job scopes in both of these sub-markets.

SGD 6,800.00

Course Description

The Advanced Diploma in Property & Facilities Management (ADPFM) is designed to provide integrated knowledge and skills to enable:

  • Those seeking career conversion or a career change to assume a Property Executive job in the Strata Management sub-market and an entry-level middle management Technical Executive job in the Commercial and Industrial Building Management sub-market
  • Those in-employed to enhance their employability for assuming extended job scopes in either or both FM submarkets.

The course comprises of four modules:

M1: Property & Facilities Management Systems

  • Property & Property Markets
  • Residential Property &Facilities Management (PFM)
  • Commercial Property & Facilities Management (PFM)
  • Property & Facilities Maintenance Management
  • SMART PFM Fundaments
M3: Communications & Business Service Management

  • Communications
  • Customer Service Management
  • Conflict Management
  • Professional Ethics
M2: Building Structures & Services Technology & Maintenance

  • Building Structures & Materials
  • Building Science and the Environment
  • Structural Systems
  • Building Envelope Systems
  • Architectural Systems and Finishes
  • Building Services
  • Building Automation Systems
  • External Works
  • Building Defects and Repair
M4: Property & Facilities Management Law

  • Overarching Legislations: An Overview
  • Principles of Contract Law
  • Facilities Management Service Contracts
  • Principles of Tort Law

Please click here for a list of course lecturers.

The entry requirements to reflect the training requirements and subsequent job demands are:

  • Academic Level: Diploma or Degree in engineering or any business-related field.
  • Language Proficiency: O Level Credit English

Applicants not meeting the above qualifications may be required to take bridging courses

Module Duration 36 hours (except Building Structures & Services Technology & Maintenance module which is 60 hours) Course Duration 168 hours
Module Fee $1,400 (except Building Structures & Services Technology & Maintenance module which is $2,600) Course Fee $6,800.00

The next intake of the course is scheduled to run from 23 May – 28 June 2024 on a full-time basis.

Please call 65634176 or e-mail: for course schedules, funding support registration and other information.

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