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Real Estate/Facilities Management (RE/FM) & Maintenance Skills Upgrading & Lifelong Learning

RECA training is underpinned by a Real Estate/ Facilities Management (RE/FM) Training Framework, Training Model and Lifelong Learning (LLL) Roadmap. LLL enhances the employability of the workforce by continual updating and improvement of knowledge, skills and competencies and is necessary for workers to stay competitive.

RE/FM Training Framework & Training Model

The RE/FM Training Framework embraces and integrates the four main aspects of service demand and skills as required:

Real State & Construction Academy.
Real State & Construction Academy.

The Training Model depicts the continuum from General to Core to Specialist skills, and the sociological-technological-commercial interfaces and links that will be reinforced in the training.

RE/FM Lifelong Learning Roadmap

Real State & Construction Academy.

The Lifelong Learning Roadmap provides progression pathways, at all levels in the industry, to facilitate continual learning and skills upgrading for enhancing employability and job enrichment:

  • Operative/Frontline courses impart office/service/trade skills, enabling a three-step progression from entry level to senior frontline/chargehand and to supervisory/foreman level
  • Operational/mid-management courses provide seamless skills transition, enabling the integration of business and technical skills and pursuit of parallel career paths
  • Senior Operational/Management courses provide cutting-edge knowledge and skills to keep abreast with industry developments

A modular structure and certification has been adopted for courses at all levels to allow trainees to study at a pace as determined by personal and educational attributes, time availability and/or work schedules. The modular structure also permits recognition of prior learning for exemptions.

The applied academic courses ranging from Certificates, Diplomas and Post Graduate Certificates on the roadmap are recognised for advanced standing in built environment tertiary programmes and to eventual membership of professional bodies.


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Real State & Construction Academy.

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